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Danielle Stella, The Woman Running Against Ilhan Omar, is a Racist Piece of Shit

Danielle Stella is a MAGA asshole who is challenging Ilhan Omar for her Representative seat in Minnesota and has immediately been removed from Twitter after breathing life to a racist conspiracy and then threatening violence against Omar.

Classic MAGA.

 “If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged.”

What the fuck are you saying?

These racist MAGA sociopaths are so incapable of wrapping their minds around the idea of brown people being in a position of power that they must create these radical conspiracy theories to help soothe their prejudice.

People like Danielle Stella can go back to sleeping like a baby at night because Ilhan Omar didn’t actually win an election. Nope. It’s all apart of Iran’s masterplan to steal confidential US info. That makes far more sense.

The full conspiracy is that Omar was hired by the Qatari government to share classified info to Qatar and Iran. That claim is based off zero facts or evidence, of course.

But that didn’t stop a potential candidate from running to Twitter to not only reinforce that bullshit but to that add that Ilhan Omar should be hanged.


Let’s hang Danielle Stella for being a dumb bitch.

This country has such a disgusting relationship with Muslims that people are simply incapable of criticising a Muslim woman they disagree with. No, their concerns must be accompanied by racist propaganda and death threats.

A quick round of applause to Twitter for immediately kicking that worm off of their platform. Dear every social media platform: you do not have to give voices to Nazis.

And naturally, Danielle Stella went of Facebook to clarify her remarks because of course Facebook allows her to maintain her shitty Facebook page because Mark Zuckerberg would rather destroy American democracy then lose a potential ad dollar.

But let’s make it very clear that Twitter still allows so much hate speech and they are in no way heroes for occasionally paying attention but I reckon some action is better than Facebook’s zero action.

Fuck Facebook.

Ilhan Omar has been under attack from day one, including an unnecessary shot by Donald Trump who tried to paint Omar as downplaying the severity of the 9/11 attacks.

What easy fodder to feed your faux-patriotic white nationalist fan base than to say the one Muslim woman in Congress didn’t take 9/11 as seriously as you do, bro. Oh, and I bet she kneels during the National Anthem too.

Remember when Trump told Ilhan Omar to ‘go back where she came from‘? We have the leader of a nation directing his rabid followers to attack a member of Congress and of course it ends with death threats.

Just look at the fucking maniacs who support him:


But let’s focus on Danielle Stella for a second. The woman who is actively fighting a FELONY THEFT charge after stealing 279 items valued at $2,327.97 from a Target.

Now, I’m not against people with criminal records running for office. People change.

Except this theft happened in JANUARY OF THIS YEAR. And at Target of all places? Look at how many items she had to steal for the total to reach $2,000. Everything there is like $12, tops.

Nah, personally I don’t want to vote from the woman running out of Target with a shopping cart full of fake jewelry. I’m good.

Wait so you mean she’s just a crazy white lady who is unhappy with her life and is scapegoating the Muslim woman?? I’ve never heard of such a turn of events.

Hang Danielle Stella. Oh, and air it on Facebook Live.


Written by TheLesterLee

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