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Here’s Another Stat Proving That Daniel Jones is the GOAT

Oh, would you look at that. Daniel Jones is the best quarterback in the NFL.

My favorite thing about the fact that Danny was pressured on 47% of snaps while completing 80% of his passes with a perfect passer rating is exactly why a quarterback is the most important player in all of sports.

For so many years we kept hearing about Eli Manning not being given the opportunity to succeed because of the terrible offensive line and the lack of running game and no wide receivers.

Jones had pass rushers in his face basically every other time he dropped back to pass the ball and was borderline perfect in those high-pressure situations while throwing to wide receivers that no one heard of prior to Sunday with Saquon Barkley on the sidelines limping.

There is no perfect situation. Even in Kansas City, an offense that appears ideal, Patrick Mahomes has to generate a new superstar out of nowhere every season after one of his receivers inevitably powerbombs a woman or puts a toddler in an armbar like Rondo Rousey.

Danny Deep Ball is straight up pulling success out of his ass. An 18-point comeback. Something that Eli Manning has never done. Two rushing touchdowns.

Man, I can watch Daniel Jones sit in that pocket all day long just slinging the rock to the great, Darius Slayton with Wayne Gallman in the backfield being a complete nonthreat to the opposing defense.

Bring your best pass rush. Bring your best blitz’s. Send all 11 defenders. Daniel Jones won’t budge. He won’t waver. He won’t bend and he certainly won’t break.

In fact, PLEASE pressure Jones. That’s when his superpowers activate. We are truly watching the best quarterback in the NFL. It’s an honor and a privilege.

Thank you, Daniel.

RIP Eli, you slow old man.


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