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Nevermind, Daniel Jones Is The Best Quarterback of All Time

Daniel Jones went out there as the QB1 in the New York Giants 2019 preseason debut and marched the team down the field for a touchdown drive in his NFL coming out party.

5-for-5, 67 yards and 1 touchdown.

Stepped on an NFL field once and look astronomically better than Eli Manning has looked in the last three seasons and Jones didn’t get an Odell Beckham to throw to.

Let’s take a quick break and recognize why expectations were so low and why Daniel Jones was booed.

Dave Gettleman refused to draft a quarterback two years and instead drafted a running back thus making that running back the fifth highest at his position from day one. Meanwhile, Eli Manning was incapable of throwing the ball further than 10 yards and was cowering behind an offensive line that was seemingly getting paid under the table to allow rushers into the backfield.

Last season they gave Odell Beckham the biggest of bags and promised they wouldn’t trade him.

They proceeded to finish 5-11 and traded Odell Beckham after the season.

There were zero reasons to trust Gettleman.

He misread the quality of his roster and shipped out all of the talented players and with the No. 6 pick in the 2019 Draft, he selected a quarterback that 1000% would’ve been available in the 3rd or 4th round. With so many holes in their roster and so many potential defensive stars in the first round, Gettleman REACHED.

Or so we thought…

Any hate directed towards Daniel Jones was under the guise that he was trash. When people say that he’s the next Eli Manning, what they’re essentially saying is that he’ll always be like, 23rd best starting QB in the NFL.

Eli won his Super Bowls in a totally different league. Offenses are entirely different now and every quarterback is athletic as hell. Even Tom Brady moves in the pocket like a gazelle while Eli crumbles to the ground when he makes eye contact with a linebacker.

Comparing Daniel Jones to Eli Manning was the most disrespectful shit in the world. Did you see that man devour the Jets defense? Eli could never.

Even Eli knows it and he better play a single game this season. Unleash Daniel Jones, you cowards.

The New York Giants are going 16-0. Daniel Jones is winning the MVP. Oh, and Dave Gettleman is still a fucking idiot.

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