D’Angelo Russell Recorded a Video of Nick Young Admitting To Cheating on Iggy Azalea

I don’t want to sit here and preach about ‘bro code’. I am not a bro nor will I pretend to be. But I do know one thing in my heart to be 1000% true: snitches get stitches. Well, 19-year old asshole, D’Angelo Russell is a tattle telling bitch after he recorded a private conversation between he and Nick Young in which he asked him about some of the chicks he’s humped.

We should all be patting Nick Young on the back this morning for his ability to trick a 19-year old girl at the club to sleep with him and his stupid haircut but instead the storyline this morning is that D’Angelo Russell has no respect for his teammates or for family.

Everyone and their mothers have seen that video now, including Iggy Azalea.


The Los Angeles Lakers are officially imploded. Kobe Bryant is out of there in 2 weeks. Nick Young’s engagement with the greatest rapper of out generation is probably over in 2 weeks. Byron Scott will probably be fired in 2 weeks. And D’Angelo Russell turns 9-years old one day.

Is it possible to trade everyone and just start over?

As a Knicks fan, this is amazing news. Anyone worried about Phil Jackson opting out of his contract early so he can work for the Lakers can rest easy now knowing that the Lakers are a landfill of a team now.



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