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D’Angelo Russell Just Proved Why New York is the Greatest Place on Earth

Brooklyn Nets star D’Angelo Russell was cited for marijuana possession Wednesday night at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, according to A.J. Perez of USA Today.

Police reportedly found marijuana hidden inside a container that was made to look like an Arizona Iced Tea can in Russell’s luggage during a routine search of his checked bag.

The 23-year-old continued on his flight to Louisville, Kentucky, but received a summons to appear in court.

Per Perez, Russell would be forced to enter the league’s marijuana program if he is convicted of possession, but he wouldn’t be suspended until the third violation. (Bleacher Report)

D’Angelo Russell is on a constant request to remind everyone that he is the most immature player in the NBA. If he’s not recording his teammates openly admitting to cheating on his fiance and posting it on Snapchat, then he’s bringing drugs to an airport.

Fantastic move to make right before you hit free agency. Fortunately, he plays in the NBA so none of this matters. If this was the NFL, the team owners would collude to kick him out of the league and replace him with a ‘no sir, yes sir’ JJ Watt-style white.

But this story does more than just reinforce what we already knew about D’Angelo Russell’s decision making skills. It’s also a reminder that New York is the greatest place on Earth.

D-Lo had to hide his weed in an empty Arizona Iced Tea can because he was afraid that when he landed in Kentucky, he wouldn’t be able to get that Brooklyn sticky icky there.

You know your shit is FIRE when you refuse to throw it out when you enter a building designed to prevent you from having it. When you stare a drug-sniffing dog directly in the eyes and say ‘fuck it’, that speaks volumes of how great New York is. (Or how wack Louisville is now that Rick Pitino aka the plug, is gone.)

Also real quick, why is D’Angelo Russell traveling through LaGuardia? Yo, this kid has never made a good decision in his life.

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