D’Angelo Russell Makes Fun of Himself in New Foot Locker Ad

This commercial is HUGE is restoring D’Angelo Russell’s public image. The kid basically ended a potential marriage by recording Nick Young talking about all the girl’s he’s currently banging. You never want your reputation to be the snitch. That’s just a lesson you should learn by 2nd grade.

Thanks to foot locker I now know two things: Russell is smart enough to know that he fucked up and cool enough to make fun of himself for it. I also now know what Devin Booker looks like.

If anything, Ben Simmons should be asking advice from Kobe on how to get traded to the Lakers. I cannot wait to see the look on his face on draft night when the Philadelphia 76ers select him and his agent has to yank the gun out of his mouth.

Also, am I pissed that Kristaps Porzingis wasn’t included in this commercial?¬†Absolutely. But I know my man is too busy working on his low post game to play with Karl Anthony-Towns and the boys. While they’re cashing Foot Locker checks, Doctor Doom is in Latvia bench pressing cars and watching film. I’m pretty sure they still use VCR’s in Latvia.


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