Dallas Cowboys Continue To Be The Worst Franchise in Football After Trading Away a First-Round Draft Pick For Amari Cooper’s Average Ass

What Happened?

This season, Amari Cooper has 22 catches for 280 yards through 6 six games which is mediocre. He also left the last game early with a concussion. Soooo, the Dallas Cowboys traded away a first-round draft pick for a bad wide receiver who is one hit away from missing serious playing time.

Laugh out loud.

Now, I think the Cowboys made the correct decision in letting Dez Bryant go. He could not get any separation from defenders which made the passing window to Dez reaaal tight. Small passing windows aren’t great for Dak Prescott who is one of the least accurate starting quarterbacks in the league.

Having said that, Dallas giving away a first round pick for a wide receiver that is objectively worse than Dez is hilariously dumb.

BAHAHAHA the Cowboys seem dedicated to being mediocre both this season and now that they don’t have a first round draft pick, next season as well.

To shit on the Cowboys even further, the Cowboys gave Jon Gruden that pick. Of all people to bail out, Jon Gruden is the one guy who doesn’t deserve it. After trading away the best defender in the league for 2 first round draft picks, Gruden somehow manages to pass Go and collect another draft pick.

The Raiders might fuck around and end up having an amazing draft haul next summer and I blame Dallas for taking away my Gruden jokes next season. I’m pissed at Dallas. I mean, I’m always pissed at Dallas. But now that they’ve taken jokes from me, I’m LIVID.

Fuck the Dallas Cowboys.

Laugh out loud.





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