Daenerys Targaryen is the Real Villain in Game of Thrones

From the very beginning of this series, we are lead to believe that the Starks are our heroes and the Lannister’s are their adversaries. Well in the midst of their blood feud, we are introduced to a sad quiet white-haired teenage girl on the other side of the world who’s brother claims to be the rightful king and is willing to sell his little sister to savages in exchange for an army.

Six seasons later and I don’t think anyone can say that the Lannister’s are still the villains. At the show’s start, they were the most powerful and wealthiest family is Westeros. Then Tywin casually tells Cersei that the Lannister¬†gold mines are dry. Then Tyrion kills big poppa Lannister and escapes to Mereen. Now all we have is Jaime with one hand and Cersei with an awful haircut and a lazy eye.

Safe to say that the Lannister’s have gone from the biggest villains in the realm to sort of sympathetic characters. Now we have Daenerys Targaryen coming in HOT with 3 dragons, an army of Unsullied and a horde of Dorthraki.

But why?

Daenerys believes she is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Sure, that makes sense. But at this point in her life, she’s fully aware of how awful her father was. The ‘Mad King’ was one of the worst rulers ever and needed to be ‘kingslayed’.

Why doesn’t she just stay in Mereen and protect the slaves that she busted her ass to free? She’s been told multiple times that the moment she leaves Mereen, the Masters are going to resurface and all of her work will come undone.

Let’s not forget that every character that we’ve fallen in love with in Westeros is in Khaleesi’s crosshairs. I don’t think she going to tell her dragons to chill when they come in contact with the Starks. I doubt she’ll yell out ‘WAIT’ before her Dothraki savages rip Bronn to pieces.

Westeros’ only hope to defeat Daenerys Targaryen is for Arya Stark to get her into a dark alleyway and use her blind super powers to gauge her eyes out. Otherwise, The Mother of Dragons is going to destroy everything you care about.

Daenerys Targaryen is the real villain in Game of Thrones.


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