DaBaby Will Punch Your Head Off Your Shoulders…Also, Sometimes He Raps

Apparently there’s a rapper named Cam Coldheart who saw DaBaby at a Louis Vuitton store over the weekend and thought it would be a good opportunity to pick a fight with him.

Here’s a fun fact about DaBaby: He killed a man once. Someone attempted to rob him at a Walmart and in self defense, he killed him. Took his life. Snatched his soul. Someone had to bury their son because they tried the wrong guy.

Fast forward to this maniac trying his luck at what appears to be the local mall.

Oh no.

Let’s first applaud the direction of this video. Love the perspective change from that asshole yelling at DaBaby to the perspective of DaBaby post-knock out. Academy Award worthy. For sure better editing than Bohemian Rhapsody last year.

Not only was my man immediately beat into a pulp but his pants are around his ankles. You can’t call someone a ‘bitch’ and then end up getting hit so hard that your pants fall off. There are rules and this man broke them.

Oh, here’s another video of DaBaby punching a hole through someone’s cranium.

What are we doing? Why are people challenging this KILLER to fights?

DaBaby, if you’re reading this…please don’t fold me like fresh laundry. I am a fan of your work. I also like your rapping.

And here he is doing some of that rapping, which has turned into his side gig when he’s not introducing young men to the grim reaper:

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