Schilling's termination comes after the former pitcher posted a meme on his Facebook page Thursday that many considered to be anti-transgender.

Curt Schilling is Charging People To Watch Baseball Games With Him

Schilling also added on Facebook:

“But the gist of it will be an annual fee to watch games every weekend with me, and Steeler football as well as Bruins hockey.”

Yes. I’m all in. I’ll follow Curt Schilling to war. You’re a fool if you think I won’t be sitting on periscope staring at Curt’s face as he breaks downs Bryce Harpers swing moments before screaming about Islamic extremists.

This is my baseball watching dream. I’ve always wanted to watch a game through my phone from the perspective of a former major leaguer’s phone while he spouts political propaganda. The American dream.

I have no idea how he plans to monetize this endeavor because Periscope is free to use but don’t tell Curt yet. All I know is that I will be on the periscope asking him so many questions about my favorite pitcher of all time, Randy Johnson.

See you all there this Saturday. Can’t wait to watch ‘Steeler’ football.


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