Creator of The Leftovers Is Working on a Watchmen Series For HBO

Looks like Damon Lindelof may be going back to work for HBO.

Fresh off the series finale of “The Leftovers,” Lindelof is in talks to develop an adaptation of the comic book series “Watchmen” to the cabler.

This will be HBO’s second attempt at developing a series based on the landmark DC Comics miniseries by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The premium channel had kicked the tires on a “Watchmen” project in 2014. Sources say Lindelof’s take on the series would be starting over from scratch independent of that effort.



I’ll probably write about this at a later date but season 3 of The Leftovers was such an amazing final season for a show. It’s definitely up there with some of the greatest series finales of all time. Damon Lindelof wrote a borderline perfect television show and now he’s on to the next one. Watchmen.

Loooooot of people hate Zack Snyder’s version of Watchmen but it was fine. I never read the original book so perhaps I have looser expectations for what the movie should’ve been. I mean, it was literally scenes taken directly from the book which is what Snyder loves to do but perhaps that story will be best told via a week by week vehicle.

If Watchmen can build characters and develop a cohesive universe as seamlessly as The Leftovers did then this show is going to be absolute fire emoji. I mean, Watchmen fans are without a doubt going to hate anything Damon Lindelof makes, I’ll be there every Sunday trying my hardest not to compare this show to Game of Thrones, which I compare every HBO series with action in it to.




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