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Cowboy Donald Cerrone Just Saved UFC

I’m not into fights. If you haven’t immediately exited this article, thank you. UFC was dope in the early days before weight classes when Royce Gracie was showing up in a Jui-Jitsu Gi and choking Ken Shamrock out with it like it was Doctor Strange’s cape.

Once they weeded out all the weirdos and killers, the sport always relied on stars to maintain interest but seeing Rondo Rousey get brutally beat into professional wrestling, the league has truly been absent of that star power. I also blame Jon Bones Jones’s coke dealer. Maybe don’t answer his calls when he has a fight the next day. But I know I know, Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Enter Conor McGregor, a man who knows how to sell a fight with antics, most of which are mega racist which makes it impossible for me to sit here and pretend like McGregor was ever a draw for me.

Conor isn’t as physically captivating and dominant to surpass all his bullshit. Mike Tyson fights were jawdropping. Yes, there were some unforgivable things on his resume but prior to that, you’d ignore all the assault charges because you were waiting for him to catch a murder charge in the ring.

I’ve never seen a Conor McGregor fight and thought ‘holy shit”. BUT, there is enough name recognition for me to take notice. So much so that the only other fight that I can name off the top of my head is Donald Cerrone, his opponent at UFC 246 on Saturday night.

As much as I hate this race-baiting asshole—who told Floyd Mayweather to “Dance, boy” and he started an Islamic race war after calling his opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov, a backwards cunt because the Muslim man couldn’t drink with him at a press conference before later calling his manager a terrorist—I only pay attention to the UFC when he’s present.

So thank you to Cowboy Donald Cerrone for bending the knee and allowing the UFC to flourish in your death.

In a 40 second squash match, McGregor beat Cerrone’s nose off his damn face in a TKO to solidify his UFC comeback. The Cowboy didn’t even get a punch off. The whole thing was kind of fishy. For a man who loves to rile up his opponents. Conor and Donald were being very cute and buddy.

You cannot punch me in the face and then hug my grandmother after.

Would it shock if you Cerrone took a pay day in order to make McGregor look dominant?  Stay woke.

I suppose I’ll keep an eye out for McGregor’s next fight or whatever. Even though he punched an elderly man in the face at a pub and has multiple sexual assault allegations.

Man, fuck this guy.





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