Couple Arrested For Jogging Naked On The Beach While Leaving Their Infant Baby Alone

Every couple gets into a rut at some point in their relationship. You can only go to the same restaurant and order the same meal so many times until you start to hate each other. It’s all about being spontaneous. Well, Cody and Monique Bourgeois decided to reignite that flame and their little, lame-ass baby wasn’t invited.

According to KPLC-TV, Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson says his office received a report Tuesday morning of a 20-month-old child alone on Holly Beach. Deputies located the baby and then, about two hours later, found the baby’s parents, Cody Bourgeois and Monique Bourgeois, jogging naked along the beach about four miles away.

A four mile jog? Jesus. Naked or clothed, with a partner or alone, a four mile jog is ridiculous. Are they training for the 2016 Olympics? A one mile jog is overkill. Four miles? Who JOGS for that long? You jog to the bathroom when you’ve held it in too long. You don’t jog on the beach for four miles. Even Rocky jogged on the beach for only like 5 feet in all of those montages. Four miles is insane.

That wasn’t a four mile jog. That was two young parents abandoning a baby on the beach. They were not coming back if the police weren’t called. They sacrificed their baby to the sea. To Poseiden. Actually, they’re heroes.


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