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Could Marcus Mariota Save The New York Giants?

Marcus Mariota is owed $20 million next season by the Tennesee Titans before he either hits free agency or they offer him an extension this summer. As a starter, he has a 23-28 record which won’t give him his own solo wing in the Hall of Fame yet but he’s only 25 and he’s shown flashes of brilliance.

He’s gone to the playoffs once and he won a playoff game which is more than you can say for the $84 million man Kirk Cousins. It would make sense for the Titans to negotiate a long-term extension with their potential star QB.

BUT, on the other side, Mariota is guaranteed¬†to miss games with injuries as he’s been hurt every single season. He won’t be chasing Brett Favre’s consecutive start streak any time soon. Especially considering how frequently he scrambles, he’s bound to take a hit that ruins his season.

Mariota has only thrown for over 300 yards seven times in 54 career games. This season, he’s yet to have 3 passing touchdowns in a game.

Are we 1000% sure that Tennessee wants to invest a majority of their cap space to a quarterback who can’t put the team on his back and win games throw the air?

Enter the New York Giants.

The Giants would KILL for a 25-year old quarterback right now. They haven’t had a 25-year old QB in 12 years.

Eli Manning is having his best statistical season but that’s because he’s become a coward that’s afraid to push the ball downfield and he’s only hitting check-down passes to pad his stats. Don’t believe his completion percentage and passer rating stats. Eli Manning is getting his Hall of Fame speech ready.

New York would be wise to call up Tennesee and discuss a trade especially considering that by all reports, there isn’t a blue chip stud quarterback coming out of college this season. There isn’t that surefire Andrew Luck level talent. Justin Herbert and Dwayne Haskins are at the top of draft boards but they are in no way guaranteed successes.

Why roll the dice and attempt to build a quarterback from scratch when you have Mariota, a guy with playoff experience and potential through the roof.

Plus, we all keep hearing about how awful the Giants offensive line is. You know what’s the perfect counter to an awful offensive line? A quarterback that can scramble.

Put Mariota and Saquon Barkley in the run-pass option and defenses are going to lose their minds trying to stop this team’s running game and the second an opposing defense commits to stopping the run, Mariota is hitting Odell Beckham over the top with the deep ball.

My heart is racing just thinking about it.

Dear Giants, trade all of your draft picks to get Marcus Mariota, plz.




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