Cory Booker Fucks Coffee

There is no rule that the president of the United States needs to be cool. That’s not law. The election shouldn’t be a popularity contest and candidates should be elected based on merit and their policies and blah blah.

But we’ve been spoiled. The last presidents were cool as hell. Barack Obama. George W. Bush. Bill Clinton. What a squad. Cuff yo chick because they will go home with your girl if you let them.

Enter Cory Booker.

The most swaggerless candidate we’ve seen since, well since Donald Trump. The fear was that Trump’s presidency would open the flood gates for more celebrities and human memes to attempt a presidential campaign.

But instead, Trump’s presidency opened the door for lame ass geeks like Cory Booker who would quite literally get dunked on Obama if he came onto the court with his shoes unlaced.

This is a really funny joke, Cory…*nervous laughter*. haha yea, man.

I get it. You and sleep are having a complicated divorce and you’re being mad messy on social media about it. It’s kind of distasteful and rude to sleep. She deserves a little privacy and discretion but nope, you are insistent about showing off your ‘hot’ new girlfriend, coffee. Dick move. Zero class. #notmypresident.



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Written by TheLesterLee

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