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Corey Seager is Out For The Season With an Injury and Didi Gregorius is Not: Who is The Better Shortstop?

Hm, this is interesting. Corey Seager, a player that everyone seems to believe is one of the best shortstops in baseball, is out for the season and needs Tommy John Surgery but Didi Gregorius, the player that everyone refuses to acknowledge as one of the best, is healthy and mashing baseballs left and right. Interesting.

This season, Corey Seager is batting 267 with 2 homers and 13 RBIs. That’s like, super cute or whatever. I’m sure he’s trying his best out there. Truly noble effort from the young man.

Didi Gregorius is batting .333 with 10 homers and 30 RBIs. Now, as you can see, Didi’s numbers are better than Seager’s. Which is weird because for some reason, MLB analysts like bitch-ass Brian Kenny for MLB Network, still think Seager is better than Gregorius. Interesting.

And again, Didi Gregorius currently has two functional elbows and isn’t scheduling Tommy John Surgery while Corey Seager, however, is. Hm. Didi just won the AL Player of the Month for April and led the New York Yankees to the 4th best record in all of baseball. Seager did not win the NL Player of the Month and the Los Angeles Dodgers are 13-17 struggling to get to .500.

Didi went into Anaheim and outplayed Andrelton Simmons. Now he’s currently in Houston beating Carlos Correa. And now Corey Seager’s arm is falling off. Sooo, when can we all start to agree that Didi is the best shortstop in baseball? Does he need to legit get into a fist fight with Francisco Lindor in the infield like Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista? Because I’m totally okay with that.

Thoughts and Prayers to the Los Angeles Dodgers who got murked in the World Series and now have no idea how to play baseball. Cody Bellinger was pulled from a game because he didn’t hustle to get a triple instead of a double.

The Dodgers have won .604 percent of their games with Seager in the lineup. In 43 games without Seager, that percentage drops to .488. Reminder, they’re already 13-17. Yikes. Couldn’t imagine what that’s like, ya know, because Didi is completely healthy and playing every night.





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