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Cop In Trouble For Calling a Female Cop ‘Captain Boobs’

An internal investigation from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office reveals a deputy called a female deputy “Captain Boobs.”

According to the report it the deputy called her by the name in front of a new deputy they were training. 

The report says that when Deputy Christopher Patricella entered the room where the trainee and female deputy were, he greeted the female deputy by saying “Hey, Captain Boobs!” She responded by saying, “Excuse me?” 

When she asked what he was referring to he said, “You know what I’m talking about.” She said she was completely shocked and embarrassed and could feel her entire face and ears turn bright red.



First of all I want to say that if this happened to me, I would be incredibly flattered but that just may be more indicative of my self esteem or lack thereof. SUPER bold move to see your coworker walk in and call her ‘captain boobs’. Someone had a great weekend and brought that same energy to work on Monday.

Ah, to be a fly on the wall when she responded with ‘excuse me?’. You can either double down on the sexism or jump out of the window. I feel like the person cocky enough to say captain boobs is definitely doubling down. I’m shocked he didn’t stand up and grab her by the pussy.

Even Pete Campbell from Mad Men wouldn’t drop the captain boobs line. It’s not classy. Everyone knows you just motorboat your coworkers and go about your day. How dare this guy verbally abuse this woman. Shame.




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