Conservatives Have Become The New Virtue Signaling Snowflakes

We are all on the desperate search for attention, affirmation and most importantly—‌those sweet delicious Likes and Retweets. We log on to find a community that will spoonfeed us serotonin and there was an era of time when just simply saying things like “Free Tibet” or whatever lazy shit was the quickest way to get love and positivity from online strangers.

It can be annoying to see some of these people clearly pretend to care about issues in order to come off as a thoughtful caring human so naturally a groundswell of reactionary assholes who also realized they can get affection by calling out these virtue signaling weirdos.

But the right wing reactionaries who gained a following by dunking on politically correct liberal ‘pick me’s’ have been Rip Van Winkling through the shift of culture and have no become the cry babies that they were originally attempting to put down themselves.

The only benefit of the 2016 election is that it opened so many people’s eyes to what this country really is and what’s actually important. I’ll never forget that blonde lady crying on Facebook Live after she heard Vince Staples rapping on the radio.

That type of cringy white lady that was once crying about hearing rap is now posting black squares on their Instagram after the murder of George Floyd. Whether they genuinely care about black lives or not isn’t the point. The issue—that liberals may or may not be invested inis black lives therefore when you’re a conservative whose entire identity and politics is based around being contrary to everything these liberals are, you are now positioning yourself against black lives and yikes.

When Aunt Jemima gets pressured into changing their bottles because of the racist history of the woman being depicted on the label, it’s not because liberals are ‘snowflakes’. It’s because black people shouldn’t be mocked whenever they want pancakes.

Conservatives are now the ones who are crying that a syrup bottle changed for no reason outside of the fact that something is changing.

6 Dr. Seuss books were taken off the shelves because of how disgustingly racist some of the illustrations were. A decision that you would think we all just nod our heads while keeping it moving but nope. Conservatives must log in to cry and virtue signal to their low IQ followers.

Last weekend was the 2021 Grammy’s where Meg Thee Stallion and Cardi B performed their hit, Wet Ass Pussy. Conservatives are weeping.

Here’s Candace Owens—a black woman who 1000% lets her white friends touch her hair—explaining that America is OVER because there is a song about sex. Apparently kids are no longer learning science and instead, they are being taught Cardi B lyrics. Interesting how the discussion is never about conservatives constantly attempting to strip public schools of funding thus being the real reason why the American education system is failing but rather how one rap song is singlehandedly melting our children’s brain stems.

Remember where this started. Blonde woman crying about Vince Staples and now here we are crying about Cardi B.

Love that these losers always say that liberals are ‘triggered’ whenever they intentionally poke at them in order to get a negative reaction. You’re too sensitive. You’re triggered. Blah blah. Donald Trump’s special needs son wrote a book titled Triggered. They eat that shit up.

Meanwhile, a statue of a slave owner gets taken down becauseya know, slave ownership is badand conservatives rush to the Internet triggered as fuck complaining about the removal of racist artifacts. Snowflakes.

Conservatives are such losers and this needs to be pointed out on a daily basis. Just absolute pussies. Oh, also racists. Duh.

Also if you don’t want your kid to listen to Wet Ass Pussy then tell them they aren’t allowed to listen to Wet Ass Pussy. Be a parent, dummy.


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