Congressional Candidate Mark Roberts Calling Melania Trump a ‘Hoebag’ Isn’t a Greaaat Look

Before I go off about why I hate these comments, let me take a deep breath and realize that this guy is running for Congress and has 1,900 Twitter followers which means he’s not going to end up in Congress. Mark Roberts is running as an independent which means he stands zero chance of victory.

Let’s just all throw out the idea that it’s cool to shit on Melania Trump by calling her a whore or a prostitute or now a ‘hoebag’. Totally understand being frustrated with the Trump regime and hating the way his family has blindly followed all of his nonsense with smiles on their faces. The biggest story for months was Trump paying porn stars and Playboy models for sex while Melania was pregnant with her son and Melania doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Last month I called Melania a piece of shit. I’m clearly not a fan of her work myself. But there is a problem with calling her a whore. Attempting to insult the first lady for her past sex life makes zero sense considering that her husband, as mentioned earlier, is actually out here paying women for sex and banging chicks that aren’t his wife on a regular basis.

What makes Melania a hoebag?

If you believe she came to America and married Donald Trump because he was a rich socialite and she was using him for his money, that’s totally fair seeing as how that’s exactly what happened. But does that make her a whore or just a woman who saw an opportunity to vastly improve her life by latching onto an incredibly stupid?

You can shit on Melania for being complicit and never standing up to any of Trump’s nonsense and you know, stealing all of Michelle Obama’s speeches but 1.) she didn’t marry the president. She married an asshole fake real estate mogul with mad cash. 2.) Let women hump people.

Everybody hump everybody.



sidenote: Mark Roberts, my guy. At least like, buy fake followers man. That’s a bad look.




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