Congratulations To Neo-Nazi Internet Troll Laura Loomer For Winning The Republican Congressional Primary in Florida

Laura Loomer came across my radar in 2018 when she was banned from Twitter for being racist as hell after a twitter rant attacking Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for no real reason outside of her being Muslim. She then chained herself to the Twitter HQ front door in Manhattan in protest. That was just like, a regular ass week this woman had a couple years ago.

And on Tuesday night, she won the Republican nomination for Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District thanks in large part to her new team of the alt-right avengers: Alex Jones, Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone all campaigning for Loomer by doubling down on her allegiance to Donald Trump.

It’s good to see the true scum of the Earth join forces to not-so-quietly take over the country. I love it here.

Loomer was banned from Twitter, Instagram ad Facebook along with Uber and Lyft after tweeting that someone needs to make a non-Muslim version of the app because she didn’t want to support any more Islamic drivers. She’s a self-described proud islamophobe as she has said that Islam is a ‘cancer on humanity’.

She is now a congressional candidate set to face the Democratic incumbent, Lois Frankel, in the next general election. Really tells you everything you need to know about the voting process when a woman who literally banned from using any social media platform can just become a congressional candidate solely based on her relationship with powerful bigots.

She probably won’t win as she’s in a primarily Democratic district and she’s a sociopath but we all have a presidential race between a man who let a quarter million people die just to avoid being wrong and another guy who has dementia and has no fucking idea where he is right now so I won’t be dramatic and act as if a congressional race in Florida is suddenly the end of the American empire. We are far past that now.

But what I find so fascinating about Laura Loomer is how much she clearly hates herself and is constantly changing her appearance and having doctors cut her face open while projecting that self-hate on an entire group of people that are minding their own business.

laura loomer

laura loomer

How do these two faces belong to the same woman? She is clearly unwell while simultaneously gaining political power based on her conspiracy theories and blatant racism and no one is really batting an eye at it.

I want/need Laura Loomer to win this race and use her new power to cut Florida off from the rest of the US with a big saw like Bugs Bunny. This is what we deserve by continuing to give these people a platform as if their ideas and opinions require debate and discourse. Laura Loomer is banned from fucking PAYPAL and lazy Florida voters picked her named because they heard her Roger Stone paid TV ad in the background of their rotting homes.

We suck.



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