Congrats To The Boston Red Sox For Admitting Their Fans Have Been Racists For Decades And Doing Nothing About It

In a recent interview, former Minnesota Twins star centerfielder Torii Hunter revealed that he made sure all of his contracts included a no-trade to Boston clause because the fans consistently called him racial slurs. He is not the first black player to say this has happened as Adam Jones, David Price and CC Sabathia have come out and said they’ve also experienced this nonsense.

But this cultural moment has forced many brands and businesses to step back and actually acknowledge their shortcomings in regards to race. The Boston Red Sox released a statement admitting that yes, they are racist:

I see a lotttttt of people are here congratulating the Red Sox for this statement and I get it. They could’ve ignored Torii Hunter and focused on the MLB draft that was a few hours later. They certainly did not need to come out and say this.

“Torii Hunter’s experience is real. If you doubt him because you’ve never heard it yourself, take it from us, it happens. Last year, there were 7 reported incidents at Fenway Park where fans used racial slurs. Those are just the ones we know about.

“And it’s not only players. It happens to the dedicated Black employees who work for us on game days. Their uniforms may be different, but their voices and experiences are just as important.”

Uh, cool(?) so you are totally aware of your fans being racist as hell for YEARS now. And you’ve done absolutely nothing to correct this. You do not get credit for your self-awareness here especially when you haven’t addressed this problem. Ever.

Admitting that every time you drink you just have to beat your wife while continuing to get drunk every day and beating your wife does not earn you a pat on the back. Fucking change.

This is why I hate when people talk about bad cops and good cops like there is any real difference between the two. If you are a ‘good’ officer that watches a ‘bad’ cop murder an innocent black man then you’re not ‘good’ because you personally didn’t apply the stranglehold. You cannot call yourself good as you standby and allow bad to flourish.

Do you want to know why Red Sox fans call black players niggers? Because the fans next to them don’t say a damn thing. Cool, there were 7 reports. How many of those reports were made privately to security instead of turning to the asshole who just yelled the word and instantly ostracizing them and making them feel like outcasts for daring to speak that way? Not to mention all of the times it wasn’t reported at all.

If you allow racism to occur in your presence without correcting, educating or scolding them then you are just as bad as the racist. Your silence is a co-sign of their nonsense because if you truly felt a type of way about black people then you literally would be incapable of staying silent.

The Boston Red Sox don’t deserve applause for confessing that their fans are racists. They should be ridiculed for never taking it seriously after player after player lined up and told them their experiences.

You do not get praise until your actions match your words.




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