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It’s Comedy Week At Deadseriousness

I’m trying out something new. I’ve been watching stand up and It’s Always Sunny in
Philadelphia nonstop recently and I need an excuse to write about it so I can consider my Netflix binge watches to be ‘work’.

All week long I will be giving you people that FIRE comedy-related contented. I’ve never been more excited for a random Sunday night idea that I have knowing full well that I’m going to totally hit the eject button on this concept by Wednesday but for the time being I’m hyped so you get hyped too.

Get ready for Louis CK hot takes which are probably cold by now because everyone knew he was a creepy molester years ago so this is sort of old news. Get ready to witness me flex all of my comedy nerd muscles that have remained dormant for years while I’ve spent most of my time screaming about Ben McAdoo and Joakim Noah.




I will keep this page updated with all of the features or I’ll forget and you’ll just have to scroll through the site like a normal person visiting any other website. Like, why is it my job to direct you to comedy week. If you see an article about Norm MacDonald then I think you can draw that conclusion on your own. I shouldn’t have to hold your hand.

That paragraph was an emotional rollercoaster. I’m buzzing comedy week adrenaline aka Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

Anyway, stay tuned for that FIRE content.





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