Colorado Player Intentionally Injured Nebraska Quarterback Adrian Martinez’s Leg And I Demand That Player Be Kicked Out of College

Hey, you know what you can’t do on a football field? Dive on a quarterback’s leg and twist his leg like Kurt Angle making Brock Lesnar tap out at Wrestlemania. The fuck is this? Soooo, we’re just all cool with the blatant leg wrenching?

The Cornhuskers were up 28-27 before he leg was twisted by this asshole in the 4th quarter. Adrian Martinez was 15-for-20 with a touchdown and 2 turnovers but he also had 15 rushes for 117 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

My man was putting in WORK in his first ever career start for Nebraska before not only his game was ended but the Huskers chance at winning was ended after Colorado linebacker, Jacob Callier bit onto his heel and spun around like a crocodile catching an antelope at the watering hole.


Here is what Nebraska head coach, Scott Frost had to say about this CRIME:

On Monday, Frost was asked if it was a dirty play. The first-year Husker coach stopped short of calling it intentional.

”You never want to think someone on the football field would try to intentionally hurt someone,” Frost said.

However, he added, “We have an angle that doesn’t look very good. I don’t know what the intentions were, but the angle out there that I’ve seen doesn’t look good at all.”



In college football, you can’t afford to lose ANY games and especially not any games against Colorado. So pretty much the Nebraska season is over before it even started because Jacob Callier turned into Debbie from GLOW and snapped Ruth’s leg. (Spoilers?).

Fuck Jacob Callier. Now I’m watching a lost season and Adrian Martinez might not be back next game so that’s probably a second loss in a row. Being a Nebraska fan is impossible.



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