Colby Rasmus is Quitting Baseball in the Middle of the Season

Apparently Colby Rasmus is just walking away from baseball midseason for undisclosed reasons but we all know why he’s leaving, right? Imagine you had to play for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays every day. You’d be on suicide watch.

He has spent the entire season playing in an empty stadium just losing every single night. I’d quit to if I had all day every day with Evan Longoria’s boring ass. I’m shocked that more of the Devil Rays don’t pack it up and head home by this point in the season. Don’t feel bad for Colby Rasmus. He’s the lucky one.

But while I’m here mocking the Devil rays, FUCK Logan Morrison for saying that Gary Sanchez didn’t belong in the home run derby while he watched from the sideline. Let’s all hope that Morrison is the next player to ‘step away’ from baseball.



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