Clint Frazier Asked To Wear Mickey Mantle’s Old Number

New York Yankees prospect Clint Frazier apparently isn’t bold enough to ask for Mickey Mantle’s old number.

Team broadcaster Suzyn Waldman said on WFAN on Wednesday the 22-year-old had asked if the Yankees “un-retire” numbers and he requested No. 7, via Lindsey Adler of Deadspin.

However, general manager Brian Cashman checked with the team’s clubhouse manager and stated the story was “totally untrue,” per Andrew Marchand of

(Bleacher Report)


Wow, super bold for Clint Frazier to wake up one morning and believe he’s great enough to wear the legendary #7 that Mickey Mantle used to wear on his back. He’s had a grand total of zero professional at-bats in pinstripes and he’s already making demands like he’s Don fucking Mattingly.

The thing is, I don’t even think Frazier is coming to the big leagues anytime soon. Jacoby Ellsbury is under contract until 2021 because Brian Cashman let Robinson Cano go and overcompensated with a guy who’s like, fine or whatever. Aaron Judge is in right and once Brett Gardner leaves, the Yankees are 1000% throwing money at Bryce Harper or anyone who will sign.

Clint Frazier can’t be Mickey Mantle while he’s playing on the Trenton Thunder. Chill, guy.

Having said that, when he comes up to the big leagues, he better hit a bajillion home runs plz.


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