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Clint Frazier is Going To Save The Yankees 2019 Season

On Saturday night, Clint Frazier dragged his testicles across the city of Baltimore by hitting a 3-run BOMB in the bottom of the 8th inning to give the Yankees a 6-4 lead and eventual win over the Orioles.

Not only did Frazier swat that ball into the parking lot but he dropped his bat at home plate as if he was offended that the pitcher would even dare throw that pitch to him. He would have spit in the pitcher’s face if he was standing close enough.

With Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Hicks and Jacoby Ellsbury (lol) all on the injured list, this is Clint Frazier’s time to prove that he’s worthy of playing on the New York Yankees.

Up until that monster home run, Frazier had done absolutely nothing to earn playing time. Defensively, he’s flat footed and has terrible anticipation for fly balls. His arm kind of stinks too.

On Thursday’s game in Baltimore, Clint Frazier worked a 3-0 count. He proceeded to end that at-bat with a swinging strikeout. It was more than fair to believe that Frazier was bad at baseball.

Last season, he suffered from a concussion that prevented him the opportunity to make an impact at the major league level. Also his inability to hit breaking balls.

Fast forward Saturday night and Frazier might have finally put all the pieces together. The pressure appears to be off of Frazier’s back and if he’s going to be mashing clutch go-ahead homers then the Yankees are going to win every single game this season.

Oh, Aaron Judge also happened to hit two home runs in that Orioles game but he’s old news. Don’t be shocked when the Yankees knock down Judge’s Chambers and build Frazier’s Fry Pan in the upper decks where they force all the red-headed fans to sit in the hottest sunniest part of the stadium for 4 straight hours.

Clint 4 MVP.

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