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Clint Frazier Is Back To Giving Weird Ass Interviews Complaining About The Yankees Organization

Clint Frazier knows that the New York Yankees don’t approve of his nose piercing — and not for safety reasons.

“I think it’s just frowned upon,” he told Yahoo Sports on Sunday, his first day back in the Bronx after a 2 1/2-month stint in Triple-A. Frazier was one of several September call-ups who joined New York ahead of its game against the Oakland A’s, and the 24-year-old outfielder seems to have retained at least some of the characteristic flair that initially made him a fan favorite but then rubbed some in New York the wrong way.

I’m contemplating getting this one pierced, too,” Frazier said, pointing to the other side of his nose. “Like Lenny Kravitz, so having a hoop over here.” (Yahoo)

Clint Frazier was the first name called up on September 1st and that weirdo couldn’t go the full weekend without complaining about the way the Yankees do business.

In his strange, desperate, George Costanza-esque quest to get fired, Frazier continues to pit himself against the team—this time, for a nose piercing like Lenny Kravitz (??).

Clint has played in two games since his return and he has a grand total of zero (0) hits to show for it. He was also in the lineup on Monday afternoon when the Yankees were shutout for the first time in 220 games. What a wild coincidence.

How about you get a base hit, my guy, and stop crying about how unfair the organization has been to you. Mike Ford was about to be a career minor-leaguer until his name was called and now every ball that touches his bat lands in the upper deck.

When Giancarlo Stanton and Edwin Encarnacion return, Mike Ford won’t play again. He’s not going to have post-game interviews where he cries that life isn’t fair and all he wants to do is get his tongue pierced but dad won’t let him.

This is the kid that wants special treatment? He’s like a little leaguer afraid of pop-ups. But no, apparently it’s the Yankees that are the problem. Not the asshole who wants his dick pierced or whatever for no reason.

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