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Clint Frazier Continues to Suffer From The Curse of Jacoby Ellsbury

In the sixth inning of Sunday’s Spring Training game against the Toronto Blue Jays, Clint Frazier took a pitch off the forehand and was forced to exit the game early due to injury because of course that happened.

Last spring training, Frazier suffered a concussion in the very first game and nearly missed the entire 2018 season because he ran into a fence in the outfield.

Fast forward a year, and the kid can’t catch a break. After the game, Frazier said he was ‘fine’ but he’s fighting for that last spot of the 25-man roster and can’t afford to be missing at-bats because Ken Giles can’t control his fastball.

It’s just very interesting that Jacoby Ellsbury missed all of 2018 with like, 1,562 injuries and when Frazier had the perfect opportunity to replace him in the lineup, suddenly Frazier missed the whole season with an injury too.

This year, Ellsbury hurt himself again and won’t be around the team any time soon and again, magically his replacement suffers an injury that will keep him out of the lineup too.

Hm. Interesting.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying that Jacoby Ellsbury put a curse on Clint Frazier. I don’t believe in that witchcraft and wizardry.

But I do believe that the man who robbed the Yankees of $21 million a year would be petty enough to call up Ken Giles and say ‘hey, make sure this kid doesn’t take my spot. I’ll wire the money to you after you take him out’.

Just something to think about.

Also real quick, get that sociopath Ken Giles OUUUT of here. Can’t trust a guy who punches himself in the face to throw a 98mph fastball down the middle of the plate. He’s going to really get someone hurt. And Ellsbury wouldn’t have it any other way.




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