Cleveland Cavaliers Trading Away Kyrie Irving Was the Dumbest Move in NBA History

The Cleveland Cavaliers are off to the worst start ever in LeBron James’ career since his rookie season with Darius Miles and Carlos Boozer. Yikes. After walking into the NBA Finals for the last three seasons, the Cavs are now trash. Yes, it’s early but if the season were to start today, Cleveland would be watching the playoffs.

So Kyrie Irving was unhappy or whatever but he’s a professional and once the season started, he and LeBron would’ve figured things out and ran it back one final year before LeBron skips town next summer.

But even if you had to trade him, WHY choose the Boston Celtics where all you’d get back is Isaiah Thomas who has one hip and is approaching the wrong side of 30. Kyrie’s career is on the way up and Thomas’s is without a doubt on the decline. Again, my man doesn’t have a hip.

Jae Crowder might be the most overrated defender in NBA history. He might have had one quality defensive¬†series and now he’s labeled as this Kobe stopper but he’s a cardboard cutout on the hardwood plus, teams can take a sigh of relief when he shoots the ball. It’s going to be a brick.

The Brooklyn Nets pick was supposed to be the crown jewel of this trade but it looks like the Nets are going to have a better record than the Cavs so cool. The Cavs traded for like, the 14th pick of the draft.

Look at this Cavs roster: Jeff Green, Jose Calderon, Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade. Those might be the worst offseason acquisitions ever. Derrick Rose has no control over his ballhandling, has no jumper and is already walking on one ankle. Jeff Green has never been good. Not now, not ever. Dwyane Wade is so far over the hill, he can no longer see the other side. Jose Calderon is Jose Calderon.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won’t even make the playoffs.







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