The Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Give a Fuck About Your Society

And with one transaction, the Cleveland Cavaliers baffle the entire NBA as they flip every table over in their offices and pull off the most random and unnecessary trade in basketball history.

In a vaccuum, yes, the acquisition of Andre Drummond who has a player option for the 2020-21 season is a good deal. Especially considering all Cleveland had to give up was Brandon Knight and John Henson, two bench players with no value outside of simply matching contracts with Drummond.

AD is averaging 17.8 points a game on 53% shooting with 15.8 rebounds. Statistically, he’s a monster and his box scores are ridiculous.

It’s not until you think about it for longer than 0.02 seconds and realize how wildly superfluous this move is.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the worst record in the Eastern Conference. Adding Drummond’s $25 million contract to a last place team provides absolutely nothing but a lack of cap flexibility. Most would believe that this team should’ve been sellers at the deadline and not buyers.

What makes this move even more perplexing is that the last thing the Cavs needed was a big man. The team already has Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson in the frontcourt. And now they’re adding Andrew Drummond who has the same exact skillsets as though two.

Andre Drummond is first in the NBA in rebound per game. Tristan Thompson is 11th. Kevin Love is 14th.

The NBA is playing checkers while the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing chess. Get. Every. Rebound.

Oh you’re all playing small ball? Good. Send all of your centers to Cleveland.

Some people look at the world and think to themselves “Oh, I can burn this down”. Fuck your social norms. The Cleveland Cavaliers are rejecting your standards and procedures.

The Cavs have a young undersized backcourt. The only thing that Collin Sexton and Darius Garland love more than getting beat off the dribble defensively is bricking shots on the other end of the floor.

Andre Drummond and Tristan Thompson are getting to be sitting in the paint waiting to block all of the guards that cross up Sexton and Garland. Drumond, Thompson and Kevin Love are getting all of the rebounds when Garland inevitably misses a contested jumper.

All you sheep bow down to your kings and the bourgeoisie, the Cleveland Cavaliers are leading the Third State to a storming of the Bastile. Pay your meaningless tithes to the church of Adam Silver. Cleveland is freeing themselves from the aristocratic bishops that oppress. Enjoy your feudal lords, you serfs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are revolutionizing basketball. Fuck your society.




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