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Cleveland Cavaliers Cut Andrew Bogut and Sign Larry Sanders, Laugh Out Loud

Laugh. Out. Loud. Andrew Bogut played a grand total of 58 seconds before shattering his leg into a bajillion pieces only to get cut and replaced by a guy who retired two years ago so he can focus on smoking weed. Laugh out loud.

Andrew Bogut might be the biggest asshole in the NBA so I’m very happy to see him fail. His failure is my victory. The Lester always rises to the top. I love waking up in the morning to a fresh W.

Also, huge loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers which I will also count as a win for me. There is no way that Larry Sanders is in any shape to play. Bogut actually might’ve been a huge factor defensively for Cleveland. Larry Sanders? Not so much.

The good news at the end of all of this? JR Smith is BACK. That’s all that really matters right now.





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