Should the Cleveland Browns Trade For Jimmy Garoppolo?

Before we tackle this question we have to address the elephant in the room: The Cleveland Browns stink. Regardless of whether or not Garoppolo is the answer, the Browns need a quarterback. As much as I love RGIII being in the league because making fun of him is one of my favorite past times, it’s safe to say that the Browns need an upgrade at the QB position.

Sooo should the Cleveland Browns trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?

Here’s the thing about Garoppolo, he’s only started two career NFL games. And although he’s thrown for 496 and 4 touchdowns in those two wins, I don’t know how I feel about trading for a guy who you still know so little about. Matt Flynn syndrome.

The New England Patriots are a great organization. I don’t think anyone can ever deny that. But outside of Tom Brady, they’re not really a QB factory. Matt Cassell, garbage. Brian Hoyer, garbage. Jacoby Brissett, future star. Point is, I wouldn’t trust a Brady backup with the keys to the kingdom.

Plus, you know the Browns are going to have to give up that sweet delicious #1 pick for Garoppolo. Pass. Too high of a price for an unknown commodity.

Having said all of that, should the Browns trade for Jimmy Garoppolo? Yes. No. It honestly doesn’t matter. They’re the Cleveland Browns. They could trade for Aaron Rodgers and still end up going 3-13 next season. The Browns lose games. That’s their thing. Trade for him or don’t.

The Cleveland Browns stink.



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