Chick Gets Kicked Off of a Plane Because Her Tits Were Out

A South Florida woman claims she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale because of the way she was dressed.

“It’s not even about money. I was really embarrassed,” the woman, who didn’t want to be named, said in a telephone interview with Local 10 News.

At least two passengers took to Facebook after the incident and posted that the flight attendants told the woman “her bosom was too exposed.”

Another passenger, who didn’t know the woman, was also removed from that flight Sunday after she stepped in to defend the woman.

Spirit claims a flight attendant made the suggestion to cover up, but that’s not why the woman was told to leave.

“Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage,” Spirit spokesman Paul Berry said. “People are taken off of planes because of their behavior.”

Berry said the woman was intoxicated and a flight attendant spoke to her about it. 

“The flight attendant made that decision, and as she was leaving, she said, ‘By the way, you might want to cover up.’ It was more of a personal statement to her,” Berry said.



I would pay any amount of money to have been on the plane when a flight attendant told a passenger to put her tits away.

I obviously don’t know if this chick just got too drunk and was forced off the plane because she was a drunk asshole or because of her cleavage but I LOVE the idea of this petty flight attendant throwing shade after she kicked her off. Throwing out a quick ‘by the way, you might want to cover up’.

Spirit Airlines is the absolute worst. Want to know why your company isn’t successful? You’re kicking off chicks with huge tits. Sex sells. If anything, you should exclusively be letting cleavage all over your plane. Everyone should have their tits out. Guarantee more people will fly Spirit.

This poor girl with tits too big to fly. How will she recover?




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