Citigroup Senior Advisor Resigns After Whipping His Dick Out at a Company Party

A powerful Swedish financier got blackout drunk at a house party and exposed his private parts to other guests — leading him to resign as a senior adviser to Citigroup on Monday, according to reports.

Anders Borg — who was once Sweden’s minister of finance — also reportedly threatened guests, groped other men and called female revelers “whores” and “sluts” during his night of debauchery, a source at the party told the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

Borg’s antics were so alarming that Swedish police reportedly are investigating him for sexual harassment and making threats — and the 49-year-old money man issued a groveling mea culpa in which he claimed he was under extreme “pressure.”

“I have been told afterwards that I behaved very inappropriately,” he said in a Facebook post. “I sincerely apologize to all who were affected . . . I don’t drink more than most people but I have been under a lot of pressure lately.”

(NY Post)

Oh, you mean the rich Swedish guy with the hoop earring took his dick out at a house party? Duh. Was there music playing and food served too? I mean, this is all just typical party behavior here. Everyone knows once the Swedish guy has a drink at a party, things get strange. The strangeness goes up exponentially when that Swedish guy pops in the hoop earring.

You have to love Anders Borg’s excuse here. He’s been under a lot of pressure lately. Let him live. The man is stressed out so of course he took his dick out and called every woman he saw a whore. What do you do when you’re stressed? Keep it in your pants? Silly. This is why Anders Borg is the senior advisor for Citigroup and you’re not.




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