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Citi Field Was On Fire…Is This…Is This What Irony Is?

What Happened?

Welp, the New York Mets stadium is burning to the ground and it seems appropriate given their recent struggles. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that like, David Wright was fed the fuck up and lit the stadium on fire so that he could beat the rush hour traffic home.


Is this…is this Irony?

Does anyone understand what irony actually is? I don’t want to confidently say that Citi Field burning is ironic and be called out for incorrect use of the word ironic. The New York Mets stink and their facilities are on fire. It’s ‘appropriate’. Perhaps even, dare I say, ironic.

If I know the New York Mets like I think I know the New York Mets, I guarantee that a starting pitcher pulled a hamstring running out of this fire or an outfielder is going to develop whooping cough from being exposed to this smoke.

Earlier this week I wrote that someone needs to save Jacob deGrom from the New York Mets and now I literally don’t think he’s safe in that building anymore. Players might be faking injuries so they can avoid being burned alive upon entry into their place of work.

Is this Jose Bautista’s fault?

Yes. I’m sure of it. Let’s do a quick recap here. Join me, if you will.

No. of fires at Citi Field prior to the New York Mets signing my arch nemesis, Jose Bautista: 0

No. of fires at Citi Field after the New York Mets signed my arch nemesis, Jose Bautista: 1

Hm, fuuuuuuny coincidence, isn’t it? Something smells fishy in Flushing, Queens. Jose Bautista is bad news, man. I’ve been saying this from the first moment he hit a home run against the Yankees. He’s trouble.

If you don’t hear from me for awhile it’s because Bautista burned Deadseriousness HQ into ash. Remember me. Tell my story.



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