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Cincinnati Reds Fire Manager After 3-15 Start

Damn, no love out here for Bryan Price after starting the 2018 MLB season a wonderful 3-15 and leaving the Reds with a .419 winning percentage in 4 years so, in a way, the Reds haven’t had a real manager in a while. Price’s best season was 2014 when the Reds ended up with 76 wins and finished 4th in the NL Central. Dope.

This season in 18 games, the Reds have scored 18 runs. Unfortunately, they’ve given up 46 runs. I suppose that explains their 3-15 record. From what I’ve been told, in order to win baseball games, you must score more runs than your opponent. Bryan Price and I are realizing this for the first time at the same time.

Price didn’t really stand a chance to succeed with the roster the front office put together for him. The Reds are in a perpetual rebuild year after year and their prospects haven’t developed into anything special.

Their last great pitching prospect was Homer Bailey, who is the Ace of the staff. He’s 32 and was drafted in 2004 so yea, the Reds aren’t exactly bursting at the seams with young talent and their scouting department has used all of their vacation days.

I guess this is all strange because the Reds have been bad for years so I’m not sure what happened the first three weeks that led to Bryan Price finding a pink slip on his desk. If they’re going to suck regardless, just let him keep his job instead of promoting someone new to suck.

Also, probably doesn’t help that Joey Votto, their only star player, is batting .258 with no home runs. He must be playing possum to get Price up out of there. Mission accomplished. Okay, now go back to mashing home runs, plz.




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