Chyna Was The Greatest Female Wrestler Ever #RIP

Well this is like, the worst news ever. I started watching wrestling when Degeneration X was taking over. I was too young to understand what ‘suck it’ meant but I appreciated the theatrics of it all.

What fascinated most about the group wasn’t all of the nonsense of Triple H and Shawn Michaels. That was amusing for sure but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Chyna. Not only was she hot as fuck but I loved her character.

Usually you have a big guy playing the silent, almost bodyguard-like character but Chyna was the only woman on Earth who could pull that off. She was the perfect straight man to Triple H’s antics. She was just brooding behind those two men and she had my full attention.

She was the only woman on Earth that I can say with complete confidence could murder me with her bare hands.

She was truly the 9th Wonder of the World. #RIPChyna

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