Christian Yelich is the James Harden of Major League Baseball

Christian Yelich has played 4 baseball games this season. Christian Yelich has hit a home run in all four of those baseball games. He is currently on pace to hit 162 home runs this season.

Only five other players in MLB HISTORY have started the season hitting a home run in four straight games. Willie Mays, Mark McGwire, Nelson Cruz, Trevor Story and the GOAT, Chris Davis. Legends.

Christian Yelich is the defending National League MVP after hitting 36 bombs with 110 RBIs and leading the league with a .326 batting average. He also led the league in slugging and OPS. Post all star break, Yelich carried Milwaukee on his back and was the best player in the league by miles.

Prior to being traded by Derek Jeter in exchange for a signed Aaron Rodgers jersey, Yelich had a Silver Slugger award but at no point was he ever mentioned with the best hitters in the league. He was some guy who played with Giancarlo Stanton.

Then he won an MVP in his first full season as the star of a team. Remind you of anyone?

James Harden averaged 12.7 points per game coming off the bench in Oklahoma City playing with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Harden landed in Houston and became a perrenial MVP candidate.

Yelich and Harden both won MVP awards last season and both players came out the following season looking better than they did when they were awarded those trophies.

James Harden is having a Wilt Chamberlain-esque stastical season. He scores 50 points games more frequently than you check your phone after you post a photo on Instagram.

We’re about to see Christian Yelich explode the record books. Defending MVPs are coming back better than they ever were. Don’t be shocked when Patrick Mahomes comes into the 2019 NFL season throwing like, 10 touchdowns a game.

All we need left for Yelich to go full Harden is to get his jersey retired at the local Milwaukee strip club.

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