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Christian McCaffrey is Banging Danny Amendola’s Ex-Girlfriend

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stunner, who split from Detroit Lions receiver Danny Amendola last fall, is said to have recently hung out with Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, according to a new report from Us Weekly.

Back in May, the rumored pair sparked headlines after Olivia Culpo, 27, liked a buffed-up image of McCaffrey, 23, on Instagram. The NFL star later double-tapped a shot of the brunette bombshell. (NY Post)

There are so many obvious jokes here I don’t know where to start.

Olivia Culpo definitely has a type.

Christian McCaffrey is a 5-foot-11 white NFL skill player whose number one skill is ‘grit’. Danny Amendola is a 5-foot-11 white NFL skill player whose number one skill is ‘grit’.

Although McCaffrey has absolutely no prior relationship with Olivia Culpo, I’ll never understand why you’d want to bang another NFL player’s ex.

That’s like meeting a man’s girlfriend at your company’s Christmas party with every branch in the district all together and then waiting six months for them to break up before swooping in and sending that ‘damn, I heard the bad news. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here’ text knowing damn well everyone in the company is going to see you two together and think ‘uh, isn’t that Ted’s girl?’.

But shout out to Christian McCaffrey for getting with a high profile model(?). This is the first time I’ve seen him without his helmet. Get ready for McCaffrey to scoop up the Dannon yogurt bag that Cam Newton dropped a year ago.

We’re about to see a lotttt more of McCaffrey.

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