Christian Hackenberg Was Kicked Out of New York Jets Practice Because He Didn’t Know How To Break The Huddle

A report in the MMQB from Sports Illustrated’s Tim Rohan noted that Hackenberg was sent off the field on Monday after struggling to break the huddle correctly.

During one rep in seven-on-seven drills, as he approached the line of scrimmage, a coach ordered him to re-huddle. When he broke the huddle again — in the wrong fashion for a second time — he was ordered off the field.


This is amazing. The New York Jets are doing literally everything in their power to go 0-16. It’s remarkable. They are starting a quarterback who by all accounts has no idea how to throw a football and they’re kicking him out of practice to make sure he can’t even get better.

I see you, Jets.

Christian Hackenberg is so bad that he doesn’t even know how to get out of the huddle. After a training camp full of stories about him missing open receivers and hitting random reporters with stray passes on the sidelines, we now know that Hackenberg can’t even get to the line of scrimmage.


New York Jets: 0-16.


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