Will Christian Hackenberg Ever Be The New York Jets Starting Quarterback?

I suppose it’s a tad early for NFL predictions but OTA’s are approaching and I can’t not think about the New York Jet’s quarterbacks or the lack thereof. It keeps me up at night.[1. that and horrific premonitions of my death…or whatever.] After letting Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith walk away and signing Josh McCown, where does Christian Hackenberg stand on this roster?

The Jets now have a new offensive coordinator who runs the West Coast Offense. This will be Hackenberg’s 4th offensive system in 5 years. Not great. Plus, the West Coast Offense is all about short accurate passes and NFL scouts have made it pretty clear that he is incapable of making accurate throws. Some might argue it’s the only real skill a quarterback needs and Christian Hackenberg lacks it. Dope.

Here’s a cute little fun fact about the last time Hackenberg started full time: his completion percentage ranked him 120th in the entire nation. Hackenberg might be one of the most ordinary quarterbacks in Penn State football history and he’s (kinda) in the NFL right now.

Reaaally makes you wonder why the Jets even drafted him to begin with. There are 119 guys higher up that list right now and most of them are like, selling insurance somewhere. Somehow Hackenberg is in the NFL. Kinda.

Will Christian Hackenberg ever be the New York Jets starting quarterback?








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