Chris Paul and James Harden Are Going To Beat The Shit Out of Each Other

The delicate relationship between Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Chris Paul has been termed “unsalvageable” and the star players want a divorce, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Paul went to Rockets management and demanded a trade, and Harden issued a “him or me” edict following the Rockets’ second-round loss to the Golden State Warriors, sources said.

The backcourt mates went nearly two months without speaking to each other during the season, sources said, creating a tenuous environment for teammates and everyone involved with the franchise.

Harden hasn’t returned Paul’s repeated attempts at communicating this offseason, sources said, after a year in which the pair repeatedly got under each other’s skin with petty acts in practices and games. (Yahoo)

The Golden State Warriors dynasty is all but done. Klay Thompson doesn’t have a knee and Kevin Durant will be limping for the next 365 days. The Toronto Raptors just won the 2019 NBA Finals and Kawhi Leonard cannot wait to block Nick Nurse’s phone number when he’s chillin on the beach in Southern California.

The NBA is wide open. Any team can win the championship next season. With the draft this week and free agency at the end of the month, every team can improve and emerge as the next great dynasty.

Except for the Houston Rockets as they are currently wringing each other’s necks like Homer and Bart Simpson.

The Rockets brought in an elderly point guard who is expecting to make $38.5 million, $41.3 million and $44.2 million the next three seasons.

In his two seasons in Houston, he’s never played 60 games or more. When the season begins, it’s guaranteed that he’ll miss at least two months with a hamstring injury.

Also needs to be pointed out that everyone that played on those Lob City Los Angeles Clippers teams hates Chris Paul.

The Rockets and the Clippers quite literally fought each other after a game two years ago when CP3 led Houston into the secret tunnels of Staples Center.

James Harden seems like the most laid back player in the NBA. My man got tossed in the trash by the San Antonio Spurs a couple of years ago and was immediately shown having the best night of his night at the club as if he was embarrassed in the playoffs.

I guess I’m saying that Chris Paul is a dick.

He knew exactly what he signed up for when he arrived in Houston and signed a contract extension.

James Harden dribbles a shit ton. You watch. You win. When Harden is too tired to dribble a shit ton he passes to you. He watches. You win. Repeat.

How did these men go two months without speaking to one another?

Imagine being Gerald Green on this team not knowing what to do when your two dads are arguing.

Cross the Rockets off as title contenders because neither James Harden nor Chris Paul are going anywhere. Unless the Phoenix Suns decide to swallow CP3’s unbelievable stupid contract, it’s a wrap for the Rockets.

Congrats to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the Western Conference.

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