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Chris Mad Dog Russo Shits All Over Bart Scott Replacing Mike Francesa and It’s Tough Not To Agree

New York’s WFAN just announced the replacements for legendary drive-time host Mike Francesa, who will leave the station next month: A trio of ex-Mike and the Mad Dog producer Carlin, Maggie Gray (who works for and CBS Sports Radio) and former Jets and Ravens linebacker Bart Scott.

But it was Francesa’s former partner Chris “Mad Dog” Russo who wasn’t happy at the idea of Scott on the air. Here’s what he said on SiriusXM:

“The thing I can’t deal with, I cannot figure out Bart Scott. I can’t figure out how executives of a major corporation, just thinking about the connection with the fan base and say to themselves, you know what, I’ve got the perfect guy. We’re gonna bring a guy in here who was born in Detroit, who played his best football with the Ravens, played a year or two with Rex Ryan, urinated on the New York media when he was here, led a boycott about talking to the players, literally, and was fired from CBS.”

(USA Today)


I think my stance on professional athletes retiring and getting broadcasting careers was made clear when I wrote a whiny article about Jay Cutler joining the NFL on Fox broadcasting team after he retired with zero qualifications.

Now Bart Scott will step in to replace Mike Francesa because he ‘knows’ football which is cool or whatever but you don’t need to be an outside linebacker for a decade in the NFL to be able to talk about the NFL. How does playing experience really add to the discussion?

Plus, he’s taking on New York radio sooo what does Bart Scott have to say about the New York Mets starting rotation? Why can’t Bart Scott just come on the air on Tuesdays and round-up the NFL weekend and then disappear while career broadcasters and journalists actually get radio jobs that they’ve worked their whole life to obtain?

I guess I should be happy that this isn’t Chris Christie, the world’s angriest shopping mall Santa Claus.




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