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Chris Dudley, Former New York Knicks Bum Known For Getting Chokeslammed By Shaq, Teamed Up With Brett Kavanaugh To Fight a Guy At a Bar

What Happened?

As an undergraduate student at Yale, Brett M. Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a local bar during which he was accused of throwing ice on another patron, according to a police report.

The incident, which occurred in September 1985 during Mr. Kavanaugh’s junior year, resulted in Mr. Kavanaugh and four other men being questioned by the New Haven Police Department. Mr. Kavanaugh was not arrested, but the police report stated that a 21-year-old man accused Mr. Kavanaugh of throwing ice on him “for some unknown reason.”

A witness to the fight said that Chris Dudley, a Yale basketball player who is friends with Mr. Kavanaugh, then threw a glass that hit the man in the ear, according to the police report, which was obtained by The New York Times.



This Brett Kavanaugh situation has reached a new level of nonsense as now former NBA punching bag, Chris Dudley, is a key witness in a bar fight back in Kavanaugh’s college days. If you had to name former NBA players that used to ride with the Supreme Court Justice Nominee, how many names would you guess before Chris Dudley came to mind? 8,593?

Chris Dudley played 16 NBA seasons in the 90s back when just being 7-feet tall was enough to be in the league regardless of talent or skills or coordination. Shawn Bradley starred in a movie alongside Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny solely because he was tall. The 90’s were a hell of a drug.

Dudley played 3 seasons for the Knicks and averaged a powerful 2.3 points per game.

But we all know the reason why we’re here. ROLL THE CLIP.

BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. I am going to spend the rest of my day watching Shaq teabag Chris Dudley and then toss him into the concession stands when he’s done riding his face.

This is the man we’re questioning for Brett Kavanaugh information? He is no longer a credible witness after letting Shaq sit on his face and doing nothing about it. He should’ve brought that same Yale bar energy and smashed a bottle against Shaq’s ear.

Also uh real quick, this story about Kavanaugh throwing ice at a bar isn’t that big of a deal. It definitely shows that he was (Is?) a dumb drunk asshole and perhaps shows the type of reckless behavior that would lead to him taking advantage of Christine Blasey Ford but like, let’s stay focused on her.

Homegirl sat in front in front of the Senate and the world and told her story. Let’s find out if Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. Let’s not get distracted by ice throwing. A woman was sexually assaulted. That should be priority number one.

And get Chris Dudley OUUTTT of here. All of his thoughts, opinions and ideas are null and void after what Shaq did. He is a ghost. RIP.



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