Chris Davis Belongs in the Hall of Fame

Chris Davis is uh, struggling. So far he’s 0-for-23 on the season with 13 strikeouts. He’s hitless in his last 44 at-bats. Every time he steps into the batter’s box, he’s an automatic out.

Last season, Chris Davis hit .168 with was the worst batting average in Major League Baseball history. Yikes. Now, he also managed to snap 16 homers and 49 RBIs. .168 though.

Here’s what Crush Davis had to say after being booed against the New York Yankees over the weekend:

“I understand the frustration,” Davis said after Thursday’s home opener. “Nobody’s more frustrated than I am, especially a day like today, the kind of game that we were having. It was a frustrating day for me personally and the team collectively. But you’ve got to move on.”

Does Chris Davis even like baseball?

Davis signed a 7-year $161 million deal in 2016. He then proceeded to become the worst baseball player in the history of baseball.

His at-bats are lazy. His swing looks tired. He seems bored walking to the on-deck circle. For someone who has literally zero success with a bat in his hands, he never seems to show any negative reactions to his failure.

Just look at his quote from the weekend. “You’ve got to move on”. Really? You should probably stop moving on so easily and like, be mad. Perhaps dwell in how much you suck for a moment so that you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong and who knows, maybe make a few adjustments.

The best part about Davis’s hitless streak is that he continues to get playing time. No matter how many times he swings through a pitch that’s rolled through the dirt, he continues to get the nod at first base.

Get this man’s Hall of Fame plaque ready. He’s going to go down as one of the worst hitters in the history of the sports while simultaneously being one of the highest paid players ever. This is unprecedented. He’s opening new doors for scammers to snatch the bag and then stop performing entirely.

Davis has 3 years left on his deal. If he finds a way to strike out so many times that Baltimore has no choice but to cut him and pay out his remaining $91 million in a lump sum then he deserves his own wing in the Hall of Fame.

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