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Chris Cuomo Threatening To Throw A Man Down Stairs Because He Called Him ‘Fredo’ Is The Perfect Example That All Old White Men Are Trash

On paper, the report that CNN’s Chris Cuomo flipped out because a random dude called him ‘Fredo’ is fodder for right-wing, MAGA, Breitbart weirdos to get their opportunity to rally together against the crooked ‘media’.

I was totally prepared to ignore this story entirely. TV personalities get poked and prodded every time they’re in public so that they can get caught in a meltdown for those sweet delicious views.

This was a non-story.

Until I actually saw the video and saw the full exchange between Chris Cuomo and the guy who called him Fredo and it was the perfect reminder that old white guys are so desperate to be victims.

Cuomo straight up said that calling him Fredo is the equivalent of calling an Italian person the n-word. Real quick: if you can say the word, it’s not the same as the n-word. No one calls Fredo the f-word. They just say Fredo. They are not in the same category.

Make-a-Wish lets sick children meet their favorite celebrities and athletes. If Make-a-Wish did the same program for middle-aged white men, it would just be a bunch of white guys begging to be victims of hate crimes.

This motherfucker really thought he was standing up against generational racism under some strange circus tents. Why are these grown-ass men arguing under a tent? What nasty ass beer garden are they hanging out at?

No, Chris. You were not the victim of a brutal racial attack. You were called Fredo, a fictional character from a fictional book/movie. You were insulted, sure. But how about both of you two guys just hurl yourself down the stairs together.

Get OUUUUT of here, CHRIS.

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