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Girl Brings Bernie Sanders Cardboard Cut Out to Prom

Soo this young lady brought a cardboard cut out of Bernie Sanders to her senior prom. High school senior, Chloe Raynaud made a very interesting move here. Kids these days.

I love this move. Not because I like Bernie Sanders. I have no opinion of Bernie. He’s an old man who wants everything to be cheaper. That’s every person his age. She honestly could’ve brought a cut out of anyone and I still would’ve loved the move.

Here’s the thing, this girl is cute. She could’ve easily found a date but she decided to be a weirdo instead. That means it’s next girl up. That girl on the outskirts who may not be popular or the best looking now has more one chance to get a date.

I was an asshole in high school. I’m an asshole now. There is only so much time you can spend with me before shit hits the fan and you’re completely fed up with me so finding a prom date was a struggle. Imagine how much better I’d feel about finding a date if guys in high school were bringing high school cut outs for no reason. It’d be all you can eat dates for me.

Thank you Chloe Raynaud for providing the strange looking girls with a better chance of finding a date. We all appreciate your sacrifice.



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