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Chinese Mall Has Created ‘Husband Storage Pods’ So Wives Can Shop

According to The Paper, the Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has erected a number of glass pods for wives to leave any disgruntled husbands that don’t want to be dragged around the shops.

Inside each individual pod is a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad, and men can sit and play retro 1990s games. Currently, the service is free, but staff told the newspaper that in future months, users will be able to scan a QR code and pay a small sum for the service using their mobile phones.

A few men that tried out the pods told The Paper that they thought they were a novel idea.

Mr Yang said he thinks the pods are “Really great. I’ve just played Tekken 3 and felt like I was back at school!”

Another man, Mr Wu, agreed, but said that that he thought there were areas for improvement. “There’s no ventilation or air conditioning, I sat playing for five minutes and was drenched in sweat.”


China will forever be on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. After years of bored husbands being dragged around by their needy wives, China has finally figure out the cure to marriage: husband storage pods.

My favorite part of this story are the conflicting reviews. Love that one guy just loved playing Tekken 3 is his husband storage pod arcade. The other guy however, not so pleased with the whole ‘no air’ thing. Pussy.

Suddenly I wish I had a girlfriend so that she can take me to the mall and let me play Marvel vs. Capcom for hours. She gets to buy shoes or whatever cliche fits into this joke and I get to play that Simpsons arcade game that I would exclusively go to Sports Plus to play.

China is going to takeover American and maybe it’s for the best.



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