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Chick Catches Her Boyfriend Texting Other Girls, Proceeds to Ragdoll Him Around the House

I almost didn’t want to post this since I have a pretty strict policy of not making fun of murders and this man was clearly taken to the afterlife once this woman beat him like a pinata but I couldn’t let this go by without saying something.

Ah, young love. So beautiful. I don’t want to defend the Amazon crazy chick who dragged this guy around the house by his braids but sometimes you know which girls you just can’t cheat on. She seems like one of those girls you can’t cheat on. Maybe it’s the fact that her hands are literally cinderblocks. Whatever.

Now, imagine an alternate universe where two guys rush in on a girl who was cheating on one of the guys and the guy proceed to punch her face in. I’m pretty sure that guy would get life in prison. I’m obviously not saying guys should be able to hit women. No. Never. But half way through this video you start to really admire this guy for letting her Floyd Mayweather his face off.

Also, good for this guy for cheating on this maniac. If you’re dating Shrek, I have no problems with you getting out there and finding some strange. I bet it was completely worth the haymakers. Round of applause to this Lil Yachty looking ER patient who took the initiative and made the most out of his awful situation.



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