If the Chicago Bulls Acquire Jahlil Okafor Then They Will Become the All-Goon Squad

The Chicago Bulls have had an interesting January. Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade joined forces to shit on every member of the Bulls roster that wasn’t them because they didn’t want to win and were taking 4th quarter shots away from them.

Then Rajon Rondo jumped off the top rope with a wild Instagram posting about how Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were real leaders and would never take a problem out of the locker room. It’s a weird move to say ‘my vets’ would keep everything in house while you post on Instagram but I won’t try to pretend to understand Rondo today.

I love this team. Just a bunch of selfish assholes forced to play together. Love it.

But if this team acquires Jahlil Okafor, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Is it too late to buy Bulls season tickets? I can’t jump on the bandwagon fast enough. Now, I don’t think Jahlil Okafor is good at basketball. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Okafor has no idea how to play the game. He’s a trashbag.

PLEASE, send him to Chicago so I can see Jimmy Butler straight up scream in Jahlil’s face when he does he signature move of setting a screen on air or standing there palming the ball instead of running the offense.

Dear Chicago, pull the trigger and create the All-Goon squad we all want.





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